We first met Lizzie 9 years ago when she came to the aid of our English Pointer, Dude, who had just had a cruciate ligament operation. Lizzie was a major contributor to Dude recovering quickly. So nine years later when Dude had a major operation on his spine and two discs we sought her again.

Lizzie was full of energy and concern for her patient then, now she has lost none of that and has added more knowledge and skills turning her into a thoroughly competent physio. First of all Lizzie cares not only for Dude but for us too – looking after a 35 kilo dog as senior citizens is not easy! Our dog had the operation and five weeks later he was returned to us unable to walk, unable to toilet unaided and very weak. We received no written advice for ongoing treatment but we were told that recovery would be very slow. Of course we cared for Dude but without Lizzie’s guidance, encouragement and skill we would have been lost.  Together we have advanced Dude’s progress and he now walks for more than one hour a day aided and we are still hopeful that he will again walk unaided by Christmas. Without care her work would just be another business but she is determined to find the best way to treat Dude. Her reports, her advice all help tremendously and reflect her excellent professionalism.

Owners of Dude (2020)

 Lizzie has been treating my dog on a regular basis since October 2017 following a cruciate ligament repair and diagnosis of bilateral hip dysplasia. Lizzie was fundamental in Poppy’s rehabilitation after her surgery and continues to provide Poppy with ongoing regular assessment, massage, and an ever-evolving exercise programme to ensure that we maintain Poppy’s function and movement, to keep her as pain free as possible and to give her a good quality of life. I have absolute trust and confidence in Lizzie and have no hesitation in recommending her to others, she is incredibly kind, pragmatic, and always puts my dogs needs first. 
Vickie, owner of Poppy (2020)


Oreo was a really happy puppy, full of beans and very playful. I noticed at 6 months that he was struggling to settle at night after his, still restricted at 5min per month of his life, 30 min walks. Eventually after few vet visits and x-rays, it was confirmed Oreo was suffering from severe hip dysplasia in both hips, the right side being the worse of the two. It was pretty upsetting to find out that my almost 9 month old puppy was suffering this much. I didn’t get much information from my vet, he talked about weight management, which Oreo was good with as he wasn’t too overweight, we discussed pain management and once he was an adult he could have surgery. 

I went home and did a lot of research and found that surgery shouldn’t just be the first action to take, I read several articles how complementary therapies such as physio, hydro, laser and acupuncture could help dogs have a full life. I looked through the list of registered physiotherapists and came across Lizzie. After getting a referral from my vet Lizzie came to asses Oreo. Very friendly and understanding, Lizzie checked Oreo thoroughly, treated him and put a plan with exercises to do with him. We discussed hydrotherapy and supplements.

Initially Lizzie was seeing Oreo weekly, her treatment was helping him as he was very stiffed, also Lizzie was keeping a close eye on his progress with the exercises and progressing them as he was getting stronger.

Oreo was doing brilliantly, almost 5 years with no issues; he was loving life again, he was playing and going for long walks, he was only using supplements and no other drug or medication, we were doing Lizzie’s exercises daily and Lizzie would visit every 3 or 4 months to ensure Oreo wasn’t in any discomfort, Oreo was also attending fortnightly hydrotherapy sessions in the pool to help him with his fitness, he was just being a normal Labrador. 

Sadly in April 2019 Oreo suffered a Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE)  which paralised his left hind leg. I remember taking Oreo to see Lizzie a week after the injury, I broke down in tears as Lizzie was assessing how bad the neurological damage was. Lizzie was very understanding and reassured me that he would get better as she knew I would work hard and follow her instructions and guidance. Within 6 months he’d shown a massive recovery and by the end of the 2019 Lizzie was sure he had recovered from the FCE. Unfortunately this injury had left him weak on his back legs, with his left hind leg paralised for a long period it meant his right hind leg had to work harder impacting his hip dysplasia. This became obvious when the country entered lockdown in March 2020 and Oreo couldn’t continue to see Lizzie regularly neither attend his hydrotherapy. When restrictions were lifted Lizzie came to see Oreo and after assessing him we discussed hip replacement surgery, she felt this was the right time to have it done, the deterioration of his hips after suffering FCE wasn’t going to improve and he was already in a lot of medication and the quality of his life had decreased so before he got older and less fit I booked him in with a surgeon and had a total hip replacement on right leg on 28 Sept 2020. Lizzie has been supporting him from day 1 post surgery. Her knowledge is excellent, she knows exactly what to do and didn’t need any instructions from the surgeon. I’m glad I found an orthopaedic surgeon who was happy to let Lizzie lead the recovery because her experience has helped Oreo progress and his improvement 8 weeks after surgery are visible. This little guy is happy again, very confident and strong. Lizzie has been seeing him weekly for the first 6 weeks and has now moved to fortnightly as Oreo is concentrating on more exercises and longer walks to build his muscles up and strength. He isn’t stiffed any more because Lizzie has been treating him which has helped to heal his soft tissue.  

Lizzie’s dedication, knowledge and professionalism has helped Oreo be a happy dog who enjoys life. Her help and support has allowed  me to provide Oreo with the care he needs, the exercises she prescribes him, her advice during consultation, her communication with other therapists to achieve the best result Oreo can have and the help and recommendations she’s given me have been the key to Oreo’s success and I will be eternally grateful. Oreo isn’t out of the woods and will require Lizzie’s help for the rest of his life and I will entrust his care to her with my eyes closed.

Carolina owner of Oreo (2020)



I compete in Championship Obedience Shows with my Border Collie ‘Silver’. At a year old he ran full pelt into a rugby post, after veterinary care and much rest he finally appeared to be over the injury a year later. However, for the next three years he would intermittently limp for 24 hours, this would happen every three months or so, usually after extended exercise so I put it down to that. His limping gradually became far more frequent, once a month, then every couple of weeks so I returned to the vets in Nov 2009 when Silver was then 5 years old. After nearly £700.00 of x-rays it was clear he had no breaks or chipped bone so ligament damage was diagnosed, upon veterinary advice I rested Silver for 3 months, then gradually road walked him etc building up his muscles again. In April 2010 he was cleared to complete again but as soon as I got to the next show, Silver jumped out the van limping, I was distraught and very upset. A friend of mine who is experienced in amateur canine massage had a look at Silver at the show and stated that he was in spasm and extremely knotted from the neck and all down one side of his body. She advised me to find a reputable Veterinary Physiotherapist to treat and massage Silver. I found Lizzie Pigot on the internet and with my vets agreement and permission she began treating Silver in May 2010, it is now October 2010 and I can honestly state that Silver HAS NOT limped once since Liz’s first treatment of him, he is now far better balanced, fit and has competed consistently since his first treatment with Liz.
I was a bit sceptical at first but willing to try anything to help my dog, this talented lady has proved to me beyond any doubt that without her he would still be limping, unbalanced, in considerable discomfort and certainly not able to compete. I was asked if I would mind writing a testimonial for Liz . . . . Mind??? . . . . I am proud to write this testimonial as a very small way of conveying my sincere gratitude!
Russell Becque  M.A.C.B.T.   Canine Behaviour and Training Consultant.
Our pony Ollie had slipped in his field and needed the help of a physiotherapist  to help put him right.  Our normal physiotherapist  was fully booked for several weeks. She recommended we try Liz. We  phoned Liz  who was also very busy. I  explained our pony had recently qualified for HOYS Search For a Star . If we had any chance of realising my daughters dream of riding at HOYS we  needed help urgently.   Liz  managed to fit us into her busy schedule by working her magic on him before work and after work hours. We had several weeks of uncertainty.  To cut a long story short with lots of help and encouragement from Liz we managed to get him there . We were only hoping to collect our qualifying rosette  and couldn’t believe it when we were placed third.  Needless to say on leaving the arena,  Liz was the first person we rang , to thank her for being part of our team. Words cannot express how grateful we are.
 Andrew, Kim, Rachel and Charlotte Miles

'Lizzie visited my horse (who had gone very stiff after an event) almost immediately and wasted no time. There was an instant response from my horse after the treatment and was even better than what he was before. She visited again the next month and did a few tweaks before Pony Club Camp. Thanks to Lizzie we have been able to compete throughout the summer and have enjoyed every minute of it! I would recommend Lizzie to any horse who has a problem, no matter how big or small''
Joe Bright and Midge

 Our 8 year old jack russell, Henry, suffered from a viral infection that left him unable to move, let alone walk. After the infection had passed he had lost almost all of his limb muscles, but he showed signs of trying to move, so we took him to see Lizzie. With her expert knowledge and kind manner she suggested several exercises for our little dog. Over the weeks he progressed from very slight leg movements to being able to take his weight, to finally walking normally. Throughout his recovery Lizzie provided fantastic advice and guidance and altered his treatment and exercises according to match Henrys progress. We really appreciate all that she did for Henry that enabled him to get back to normal and walking again. We would definitely recommend her to anyone with pets requiring physiotherapy. 
Henry and the Hutt family
Our 14-year old Clumber spaniel, Snoopy, had a very bad accident in January: he fell off a steep bank onto a road, badly bruising his head and back. He was concussed and paralysed and later suffered a stroke, but we decided to give him a month to try to get him to walk again and we asked Elizabeth Pigot to help him. With her combination of stretches, exercises, muscle stimulation and lots of encouragement and patience he gradually improved and started to take his first steps 3 ½ weeks after the accident. He had very little balance and had lost muscle tone, but the exercises Elizabeth gave us helped to build him up again and give him the confidence he needed to redevelop his balance.

It is more than 7 months since the accident; he has continued to improve and has regained his quality of life. He loves his walks, which are getting longer all the time – he is happy to walk the best part of a mile. His bark had become weak but he now barks his old deep bark again! Our local friends are full of admiration at his huge recovery.

We believe that without Elizabeth’s expertise Snoopy would possibly not be alive today. He certainly would not have recovered to the same extent without her help, and we are extremely grateful to her''. Anne Starling
''I cannot recommend Liz Pigot highly enough, she has treated both my ponies and myself with immediate results.'' Maria Conneely
‘' My dog, Suzie had to have an operation as she had torn the cruciate ligament in her stifle. She was very weak in her leg after the operation but after a couple of sessions of treatment with Liz her strength and movement was so much better. She now is back to her old self, I’m  really happy with the service I received’’.   Mary and Suzie
‘’Liz has treated two of my eventers, one with neck stiffness when ridden on the left rein and the other with back issues. Both are now performing much better, I can really feel the difference in their flexibility and lateral work’’ Jo, Hank and Patch

 Maria and Freebie

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